Organizing a pajama party for children and teenagers of any age

A pajama-style party, like any children’s theme party, starts with a party invitation. Print and distribute them in advance. Do not forget to specify the dress code – comfortable pajamas and nightgowns. Guests should also take room slippers and a favorite pillow.

Day party for children can be arranged in any sufficiently spacious room: a cafe and children’s entertainment centers will do. A “pajama” theme used for table decoration and serving dishes.

If your guests are teenagers, the party can be arranged with the expectation of the night. It is better to do at home. The main attributes of the festive decor are soft bedspreads and pillows, plush toys, folding tents decorated with lights.

Deciding what to cook for a pajama party is not an easy task. Indeed, in their pajamas they usually do not eat. Pancakes, like air mattresses, cupcakes, decorated with cream pastel shades. Donuts that look like pillows. They can be glazed with fudge, or you can simply sprinkle with powdered sugar. If you are afraid that the guests will get dirty with donuts, make them in mini-format and string them on skewers.

From the drinks for the pajama party fit milk, chilled cocoa, fruit juice. Pour drinks into tall bottles, so there will be less chance to spill them during the fun.

If the party program includes a movie or cartoons session – do not forget about popcorn, coke and M & M’s sweets.

If guests stay with you until morning, you will have to take care of breakfast. Muesli with juice or milk, scrambled eggs with ham in muffins for cupcakes are good options.

Children 3-5 years old will be interested in various drawing contests, dances and songs, outdoor games. They can offer handicraft entertainment: for example, to collect a bracelet or a necklace of colored beads. As a bead you can use dry breakfast boxes.

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